Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2.0 ASPH

This super fast wide-angle lens has been a benchmark product since its launch. It is highly compact, and from maximum aperture on down it delivers outstanding picture quality. Its ultra-fine detail rendition yields pictures of extraordinary plasticity. Even under critical lighting situations, such as when shooting into the light, disturbing reflections and diffusion are largely eliminated. With its 75° wide angle, it captures a wide enough frame for lively reportage situations. The high aperture of f/2.0 enables creative selective focus to be employed even for wide-angle shots. And this lens is particularly recommended when shooting in difficult lighting conditions, such as at dusk or in dimly lit rooms with no flash.

Angle of view (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) 75°, 65°, 46°
Optical design  
Number of lenses/groups 9 / 6
Focal length 28.5 mm
Position of entrance pupil 12.8 mm (related to the first lens surface in light direction)
Focusing range 0.7 m to infinity
Distance setting  
Scales Combined meter/feet graduation
Smallest object field 528 x 793 mm
Largest reproduction ratio 1:22
Setting/Function With click-stops, half values available, manual diaphragm
Lowest value 16
Bayonet Leica M quick-change bayonet with 6 bit lens identification bar code for digital M models
Filter mount Internal thread for screw-on filters size E46
Lens hood separate, clip-on type, lockable
Dimension and weight:   
Length 40.8
Largest diameter approx. 53 mm
Weight approx. 270 g