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Workshop Dates: Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October 2018

Price: £750

Artist photographer Mark Neville is hosting and conducting a four-day intensive workshop that will push participants to examine their photographic practice through peer-to-peer and one on one discussions, and challenge them to create new work for a book as part of a practical assignment.

Hosted by Neville in his East London studio, surrounded by his framed prints and books, this unique workshop will give an insight into the working life of one of Britain’s most important contemporary photographic artists on lots of levels.

This exceptional workshop offers a group of maximum 12 participants the chance to perfect their photographic approach on the streets and in the locations of their choice in London, culminating in each participant presenting their work in a photo book format, assembled in Neville’s East London studio.

Attendees will benefit from lectures on different modes and approaches to photographic storytelling by Neville. Participants will engage in editing sessions with Mark in his studio, as the group works collectively toward a final edit of the work produced during the workshop, culminating in each participant producing a PDF of their own photo book dummy.

Through this workshop, participants will develop their own personal style and sense of authorship through storytelling, acquiring the skills to deliver a creative project, from concept, shooting and editing for a book format.

This workshop is not about learning new technical skills, but rather improving each student’s own unique photographic vision. Candidates will be expected to arrive comfortable with their equipment, ready to work.

Day One

9.30 am to 11.30 am.

Mark will begin the workshop by giving a talk about his work, and the unique relationship between his photo books and their audience, answering questions from participants at the end.

11.30 am.

Tea break.

11.45 am.

Each participant will present their work in general and their proposed project for the book, to Mark and the group to discuss.

3 pm

The group goes out to photograph according to their locations/themes of choice.


Day Two

9.30 am to 1 pm.

Participants meet at Neville’s studio to discuss the photographs made during the previous day. Coffee and snacks provided.

1 pm. to 5 pm.

Participants continue to photograph their individual projects.

5 pm to 7 pm.

Meeting back at Neville’s studio, participants start to discuss with Neville the look and visualisation of their book and whom their target audience would be.


Day Three

9.30 am to 1 pm.

Participants continue to discuss the photographs made during the previous day.

1 pm.

Tea break.

2 pm.

Participants continue to photograph their individual projects.

6 pm to 8 pm.

Returning to Neville’s studio, each participant starts to discuss the layout of their photo books.


Day Four

9.30 am to 11.30 am.

A group discussion of each participants photo book.

11.30 am to 4 pm.

The final opportunity for participants to make new images for their photo book.

4 pm to 7 pm.

Participants finalise the PDFs of their photo book dummies in Neville’s studio.

7 pm.

Dinner is provided in Neville’s studio

Chocolate Studios
7 Shepherdess Place
London N1 7LJ
(Near Old Street underground station)

    Aimed at photographers wishing to broaden their perspectives and push the boundaries of their personal development. This is a workshop for photographers who collaborate with the world, not for those who dramatically alter their photographs digitally.

    Due to the fast pace of the workshop, Mark highly recommends that participants produce and edit their work digitally, using their own laptops. We also recommend participants to arrive with one realistic project idea they wish to develop during the workshop, and that preliminary research should be conducted before the workshop begins.

    A limited number of loan cameras are available on request.  If you’d like to borrow a Leica camera please email to check availability.

    If borrowing Leica equipment, you will need to bring two forms of ID to the session. The first form of ID should be a passport or UK driving license and the second form of ID a utility bill showing your home address.

    Please bring your own laptop for editing and post production work.

    The workshop will include outdoor shooting, so please bring appropriate clothing and suitable protection for your camera.


      Mark Neville has re-imagined what documentary photography could be, should be. Instead of the bland ‘deconstructions’ that pass so lazily as ‘critical’ in contemporary art, he makes extraordinary pictures and finds extraordinary ways to get them back to those he has photographed.” - David Campany

      Mark Neville works at the intersection of art and documentary, investigating the social function of photography. He makes lens-based works which have been realised and disseminated in a large array of contexts, as both still and moving image pieces, slideshows, films, and giveaway books. His work has consistently looked to subvert the traditional role of social documentary practice, seeking to find new ways to empower the position of its subject over that of the author. Often working with closely knit communities, in a collaborative process intended to be of direct, practical benefit to the subject, his photographic projects to date have frequently made the towns he portrays the primary audience for the work. Points of reference for his practice  might include the ideas of Henri Lefebvre, or the art works of Martha Rosler, John Berger, or Hans Haacke.