Billingham Hadley Small - Black & Tan

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The Hadley Small is one of Billingham's most popular bags - hold it and you'll understand why. Not only is it a stylish messenger bag, it is an excellent camera bag - the perfect mix of style and function.

Take for example the Quick Release System coupled with solid brass buckles. Why have we added both? Because the QRS allows you to open and close the bag silently with one hand and the buckles allow you to adjust the ‘fit’ of the front pockets. For example, if you have really squeezed in some bulky gear into one of the front pockets, you can just let out that side’s buckle to suit.

The bag also has exceptional weather resistance - to this end the outside of the bag is made with 'Stormblock' material - this is canvas or Fibrenyte fabric bonded to impermeable butyl rubber. Further the bag features a sculpted top flap to stop weather getting in and a padded inner lid over the main compartment to help keep out any rain or snow that does get past and provide added 'fall resistance' to the top of the bag. Of course all this, coupled with the fact that the Hadley Small doesn't 'look' like a camera bag makes it perfect for carrying your gear discretely round the country or the city.

The Hadley Small also has a larger capacity than you might think - easily fitting a mid-sized DSLR and 2 or 3 small to mid-sized lenses or 2 rangefinder or small mirrorless cameras. Also just like all the Hadleys (except the Digital which has a single central fastener) the Hadley Small has front pockets with a secondary stud fitted to their top outer corner - open this stud to create extra space or close it to form a handy pen holder.

Further the Hadley Small features a removable padded bucket insert with 2 padded partitions and 2 padded flaps - both repositionable and removable and held in position with Velcro® strips. The partitions can be used to separate cameras or lenses from each other and the flaps used to stack lenses. The whole insert can be detached by a single press stud, to transform the Hadley into an understated, stylish travel or work bag.

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