Akademie Workshops

Following in the footsteps of the original German Akademie dating back to 1934, the Leica Akademie UK offers a collection of workshops that aims to inspire a new generation of photographers and help capture the ‘decisive moment’ through a Leica lens.

A premier learning resource for Leica users, Leica Akademie UK workshops are open to entry-level photographers as well as those more experienced.
The Leica Akademie UK is located at 27 Bruton Place, London.
Food Photography with Celine Marchbank
Running from 3rd March 2018 £125.00

Join award-winning photographer Celine Marchbank for a Leica Akademie workshop at the Leica Store City, for a day of food photography. An opportunity to participate in a food photography workshop...

After hours at the Leica Store City: Unleash your creativity
Running from the 21st Fedruary £95.00

This weekly workshop, run over three consecutive evenings, will give you the confidence to move away from your camera's automated settings and start taking creative control in your photography.  The first two evenings...

Customer Testimonials

‘I have long been interested in street photography but fear of rejection/antagonism has often held me back, so the workshop seemed highly relevant to me. I learned a lot, both about my own work and what makes a good street photography image. I particularly liked the critique from the tutor, as one does not often get to receive feedback from a professional photographer.’ - Stuart, Street Photography Workshop Participant

‘I wanted to overcome fear when shooting, it’s something I struggle with and I also wanted to receive a constructive, unbiased review of my own images. I thought it was incredibly useful, the workshop contained both practical assignments and two portfolio reviews. - Clifford, Street Photography Workshop Participant

‘Really enjoyable, nice size and mix of participants and a supportive tutor.’ - Darren, Portraiture Workshop Participant

Yet another hugely enjoyable day. Really helped me embrace street portraiture and break through the 'fear' barrier’ - Paul, Street Photography Workshop Participant

‘I thought that the process, before attending, was going to be extremely complicated but Arteh made it appear so easy. So very impressed.’ - Jennifer, Portraiture Workshop Participant

Visual Storytelling: A Leica Masterclass with Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin
Running from 13th April £495.00

This intensive workshop will address the topic of visual storytelling. By looking at a range of successful examples, and through your own practice over the weekend, you will learn one...

Leica on Location: Cornwall
Running from 1st May 2018 £1,875.00

Organised and hosted by Cornwall-based Leica Photographer Hugh Hastings, with Robin Sinha, Leica Photographer and Akademie Ambassador, this exclusive Workshop is based at one of Cornwall’s finest privately-owned hotels, the...

Leica Bespoke - Treat yourself to a personalised Akademie session and overcome any stumbling blocks.
Upon Request from £75.00

Designed to help Leica Camera owners familiarise themselves with, and gain confidence in, the handling of their camera and further their photographic skills. This course will be tailored to you; topics...

Leica M Experience - Get hands on with the legendary Leica M.
Running from 23rd November Complimentary

For aspiring Leica M owners, this experiential workshop offers the unique opportunity to discover the Leica M digital rangefinder system. It introduces you the system and you will be encouraged...

Leica SL Experience - Test drive the mirrorless pro system
Running from 24th November Complimentary

Groundbreaking technology and exceptional performance; Discover why the Leica SL marks a new era in professional photography. This hands on workshop, designed for non-owners, gives participants an opportunity to explore...

Black and White Masterclass with Alan Schaller
Running from 13th January £450.00

This comprehensive workshop will heighten your understanding of black and white photography, both at the time of capture, and when editing. You will be shown how to coax the maximum...

Controlling Fear & Acting on Impulse - A Street Photography Workshop with Robin Sinha
Running from 24th March £125.00

Join Leica Akademie Ambassador, Robin Sinha, for a one-day intensive street photography workshop at the Leica Store Mayfair.   Learn how to act on that photographic potential that most of...